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Things to do

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Picture Perfect Moments Await at Siamdasada Khao yai

Are you dreaming of a fairytale pre-wedding photoshoot against a stunning backdrop? Look no further! At Siamdasad Khaoyai, we specialize in creating unforgettable moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
Our Pre-Wedding Location Package offers you the opportunity to capture the romance and beauty of your love story in a picturesque setting. Imagine strolling hand in hand through lush gardens, exchanging tender glances by a tranquil pond, or stealing a kiss beneath a canopy of blooming flowers.
Why Choose Siamdasada Khaoyai for Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot:
Spectacular scenery and captivating backdrops that will elevate your photos to new heights
– Flexible packages tailored to suit your preferences and budget

– Convenient location with easy access and ample parking for you and your photography team

– Unmatched elegance and charm that will make your pre-wedding photos truly unforgettable

Capture the essence of your love story amidst the beauty of Siamdasada Khaoyai. Book your Pre-Wedding Location Package today and let us help you create timeless memories that will last a lifetime.

For inquiries and reservations, contact us at 081 836 3941, 037 216 800, 037 214 900

Songkran Traditions | Merit-Making

The Songkran Festival is a lively and colorful celebration in Thailand, considered the traditional Thai New Year’s Day. Among the various festivals in Thailand, the Thai New Year festival holds a special place in the hearts of every Thai person.
Songkran is held annually from April 13 to 15. The three-day festival is filled with celebrations such as cleaning the house and temple, giving alms to monks, paying respects to your parents, spending time with your loved ones, and much more.
Making merit during Songkran is an important part of the celebration, rooted in Thai Buddhist traditions. 

During Songkran, this practice becomes even more significant as it coincides with the Thai New Year. It symbolizes new beginnings and renewal.
One of the most popular ways to make merit during Songkran is to offer alms to monks. Early in the morning, devout Buddhists visit temples to offer food, flowers, and other necessities to monks as a show of respect and gratitude. This action not only supports the monastic community but also promotes a sense of connection and kindness within the community

Come celebrate the Songkran Festival with us at Siamdasa Khaoyai throughout April 2024. Enjoy special room promotions starting at 2,100 baht, including breakfast for two people. Additionally, receive a set of food for giving alms to monks and making merit every morning from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. in front of Angel Pavilion. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a voucher for food and drinks valued at 800 baht.

For more information, please contact +66 37 214 900

Experience the Songkran merit-making events all over Thailand. It’s a must-try at least once!


Discover Siamdasada Khaoyai Resort close by the Southern Fee Entrance Station (ngern hom) of sprawling Khao Yai National Park in Thailand’s northeast, entrance to which requires payment of fees for persons and individuals. Straddling substantially Nakhon Ratchasima Province as well as slices of neighboring Prachinburi, Saraburi and Nakhon Nayok, Khao Yai was established in 1962 as Thailand’s first national park. A journey of 180 km from Bangkok, the park comprises over 2,000 square kilometers of forest, grassland and several waterfalls, including the best-known 150m-high Haew Narok Waterfall and 20m-high Haew Suwat Waterfall. Besides its rich flora, stars from the animal kingdom that the park shelters are as diverse a bunch as hornbills, elephants, gibbons and bears, among many more.


Several stimulating excursions from SiamdasadaKhaoyai Resort include the 40-minute drive to Khun Dan Prakarn Chon Dam in the neighboring province of Nakhon Nayok. Stretching some 2.78 kilometers, it’s Thailand’s longest Dam. Towering 93-meters high, the dam’s reservoir fills with water from Khao Yai National Park via Haew Narok Waterfall. Besides its magnificent construction, the dam’s main attractions are the spectacular scenery that surrounds it, in one direction mountains and in another lush foliage covering rolling hills.

Cycling in greenery

Hours of stimulating exertion await guests at Siamdada Khaoyai Resort who love to cycle. Gorgeous lakeside vistas, lush forest and vivid flowers uplift the spirit and soothe the soul.